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1E4'10 class blog!

Friday, November 26, 2010

wahhh, havent post for 1 week. Actually i have no idea why i am even bothering to post? Cause Im so lazy . :o . seriously. so yeah, today co.. quite ok. ate my lunch with YuRuo and my bloody lunch costs $7.50 . yeah i know. WTH right? Actually planned to go Nex and see whether open alr anot. I want eat SUBWAY! (huge fan:D) But yeah yuruo ask me eat with me then ok lorh.. Subway wont disappear. :D Then when we Q up buy the co concert tickets i say i want 11tickets Mr Ng like so surprise i getting 11? feels weird and stress cause 11 of my family member gonna go for ZHCO concert. pressurepressure:oooooo .

Beautifull Bleiss :: 9:09 PM

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I AM freaking out. My dad cut my hair ytd and it looks like shit. Going out in half hour time. D: . +tmr got co! Grrr...

Beautifull Bleiss :: 11:37 AM

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My previous 2 weeks of holidays has been very ''ENJOYABLE''. Staying at home and only going for CO, then e only classmate i see is YunXuan. (: Havent see Wanying, Nabilah, clarissa and more yet. D; . But these few days i saw jenny and yenhui! lurveess :D Hmmmm... on friday i met Jenny at 8 at mac. hehs this time she earlier than me. but by few mins. (: Then lucky is weekday so can oder the $2.50 meal.
Then 8.30 we go sch, i exhibited the chinese department(decorated for Open house on Sat, ytd) LOL. then 9 went for co. Conductor dismiss us early so i went back to e chi dere and wait till they can go eat lunch then i go lunch w jenny. But not hungry so just bought a snack and MILK TEA at 7-11 then go bac sch eat. Hmph! nab and wy and regine go out nvr tell me. >:[

Then YTD, open house 10-3pm. :oooooo reach there at 8.30 cause i went to self volunteer help out at chinese department. I must have been outta my mind. :o Then wah siao luhhs.. Yunxuan,Jenny and I take care of the game booth, where u must fill in e blank w a suitable word to form words. WTH? Then not many ppl play cause the game is like, freaking hard and boring? The pri6 all see alr all literally push their parents away from us(l8r their parents c alr will make them play) . Then unlucky luh, printed alot of this game.. Then less than one third done. :o . somemore some is we do one lorh. we= jenny, li herng, shao heng, yunxuan and me. Oh this reminds me,


he mentioned tht today his bday, so Happy Birthday! (: though he probably wont see this cause he doesnt even know i have a blog. anyway then at 2.30 went to art gallery see the CO perform! VERY VERY NICEEE! 3songs. whoa . :D Then go back chi department see tht everyone including e teachers all outside e classroom. I tot something inside then they dont dare go in. Then chee kiang say cause nobody come to the MT depart. so they come out to take breather. LOL. But i wnet in anyway cause it was awkward standing there while they sat on e steps. yeah, so, actually in e moring funfunfun onle larh.. but gradually we become tired, so we just dont care even when e parents like, come. we just sit there and maybe try to attract them to our booths. Then teacher let e girls off half hour early, let e boys to clean up :B

so yeah, this week is gonna be heactic cause:-

Monday,15 - CO 2-6pm
Tuesday,16 - JB with bro 11-4/5pm
Wednesday,17 - Lunch at swensens aunt?
Thursday,18 - Somerset with clique, lunch and dinner
Friday,19 - CO 9-5pm

I think i may die on friday co cause come back from somerset at night sure tired,tired, then must leave house at 8am togo sch. D; somemore my !@#$% sister ALWAYS on e light in the room when she going change for sch. I sleep e upper deck so i 100% tio wake up luhhs. TT>TT my life is miserable! ): How much shld i bring on thursday? cause somerset got so many clothes to die for! :D

Beautifull Bleiss :: 10:01 AM

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

co sucked on monday. ):
new maid has come :O
Then my dad just now call home then i ans in a happy tone cause my mom just scared me(appeared from bhind me). LOL. He thinks im happy cause now i no need do household chores.

Beautifull Bleiss :: 3:40 PM

Monday, November 8, 2010

fun friday and saturday.
Friday went to causeway point eat pastamania with my aunts (:
Then go metro shopping... Then me and sis went popular walkwalk and read the books(: Left soon after.. Evening went to aunts condo swim! :D My aunt (2nd) came down to join us.. then we keep spraying e water gun at this handsome guy swimming. LOL :D Funny cause e guy like, pretend not to notice. When he swim away we all follow, when we just reach the other side of e pool heswam away. OBVIOUSLY wanna get away from us. D; but funny. :D

then saturday go JB with mum and sis. Went to city square watch Megamind.(: quite ok.. I rather watch Life As You Know It. ! lurveees~ . Then we bought large popcorn only me and xin eat. WAH so big seh! Left a few crumbs then we cant eat lerhs.. :o somemore aft tht must go eat lunch immediately cause mum friend (v. kind) drive us in her red tiny car to this shop eat. There only can order dishes (no pic. to see, hard to decide) and only got rice to go w it. ): So i ate quite little. Then she brought us go JUSCO. O.M.G! Thats like, the coolest/biggest/wow-est shopping mall ever! :o . Its bigger than vivo and has a gigantic supermarket called: 'jusco' . -.-'' But cause we reach there at afternoon, we need leave in like 2hrs max to go home prepare dinner. (stupid bro, nvr volunteer to do anything.) Turns out my aunt was there since 2.30pm . WTH. so long alr seh.. I doubt my bro studied at all during e aftnoon. Oh and guess what, we went to the supermarket then while paying, we realised it was a no-plastic-bag day. W.T.H??!!?! . Luckily we got recycle bag in our bags (we clvr. LOLOL) hahas. So yeah, we out them inside then those light and small stuff we out in my sling-bag, the BIG BLACK one. :D . FUNN!!! But come home very tired alr. :o . Nexct time i go JB MUSTMUSTMUUST go buy more clothers.. This time go is suppose to one lorh.. But no chance. ): Anywsay bought a new shirt ytd at causeway point. Ytd go lib. and FINALLY got my book that i wanted- TheDeomnata, Book 7, deaths' shadow. I LOVE DARREN SHAN! :D ta-ta.

Beautifull Bleiss :: 10:43 AM

Friday, November 5, 2010

I next year go 2E5. ):
The clique is separated! :'O
nabilah go 2E3
clarissa go 2E3
jenny go 2E4
wanying go 2E2
yenhui go 2E5, same as me.

ARGH!! S-E-P-A-R-A-T-E-D! D':

whats worse is that im in e same class as HER

Beautifull Bleiss :: 11:31 AM

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ARGH!!! I cant go out these 2 weeks cause if i bloody go out, noone at home. D: . I havent ask my mum whether i can go BBQ anot. But im sure can one.. But that day must have someone at home first then i think she'll let.... Hope she can take leave. D:

Beautifull Bleiss :: 8:23 AM

Monday, November 1, 2010

hi ima girl and im bored. I reserved a book to collect at woodlands lib. but i dont think i can make it by the time it is due.D: HOW?

Oh and hais.. I got CO at 2pm. need carry my own cello. I nowadays every practice also must bring my own cello one lorhs.. Cause the school dont have liao. SO suai must be ME. ):

Beautifull Bleiss :: 12:08 PM

Saturday, October 30, 2010

early in the morning and i have nth to do. I want to practice my cello but my bloody bro says he has to study for his O-lvl physics paper on mon. Then my cello teacher scold me leh then how? Somemore in front of all my cello friends? >( . Damn pissed of..

Beautifull Bleiss :: 10:41 AM

Friday, October 29, 2010

wtf my index finger is in pain bcause of 7hrs of Co today. :o . nvm tmr can sleep in. Oh and this morning smth funny happened :P

I was reading my storybook then i think i wasnt thinking straight cause i went to set my alarm to 8.30 to stop reading my book then to leave e house at 9am for sch(suppose to reach sch at 9am). I totally forgot about transportation time(1hr). THANKFULLY, my dad came home at 7.45am. Then i looked at the clock and tot how come so early? (cause i finishing my bk lerhh) then i realised that I have to leave at 8am to reach sch! Then I was like, OMGOMGOMG!!! i ran to my room to get change, no time to respond to my dads question which was whether the frozen pork ribs need put in e freezer anot. Thankfully i can change fast so i ended up reaching sch 10mins before 9. And i had to carry my bulky cello to and fro ):

But i still had fun cause cello teacher very funny. My senior annabel like, talk back to him(in a joking way, DUH), making us laugh. (: :D

Beautifull Bleiss :: 8:02 PM

Thursday, October 28, 2010

hahas nabilah help us take.(: I forgot whether i tiptoed anot. If i didn means i am growing taller! :D
matching phones! scary but cool right? Guess whose is whose!:D
YAY! Mrs Dheeraj finally gave us our mac meal, BREAKFAST! Sausage Mcmuffin+small milo. Hmph. she didnt ask us if we wanted more milo anot. HMPH.

Oh my god. Farhanah deleted ALL the pics in my family camera( ihope its not on purpose) cause nab. took ONE pic of her. OMG. If i tell my family they'll kill me. esp me bro cause he uses e camera more than any of us, so lots of his photos are in dere. ): Ok i'm gonna die. And i can finally post some pics. (:
Today is a sad day cause:-
-all photos in camera GONE
-last day of sch
-noone free to go out
-nobody planned class BBQ/outing.

Beautifull Bleiss :: 2:57 PM

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

thanks for the compliments of my blog peeps! :D
Okay today we went to the Chinatown Heritage Centre.. Fun but scary too.. Maybe nx time i shld go to the toilet BEFORE going to any museum. :P

Ok then in the centre we were like so freaked out when we reach the 3rd flr going down to 2nd flr(we-yh, wy, nab and me) were e 1st in the class to go down. It was very scary cause we heard voices. But obviously it was some speaker in the Kitchen on e 2nd flr.. grr... then got one lane horh, wy and nab. dont dare go :B (: So i went first cause i go there b4. it was manymany of those olden days the houses the rooms where alot of ppl sleep in one room one.. very cramp. yeah then each room was very dark so VERRYVERRY scarry. When we reach 1st floor again not so scary cause yinghong and yinku overtake us alr. So they went down 1st. Then we saw fake shit in the fake balcony. :o FUNFUNFUN!! (: And we kept snapping pics. I taught yh howta play with e bamboo chair/table/toddlerchair or table. (: NCIEEE!

Today CO more fun. all grade3, slit to 2classes. I went to class 1T1 along w wanzhen, jingzhi and tiantian and our senior annabel. (: Then quite fun also cause annabel like to make fun of e cello teacher. :P Vehh nice to see the commotion! :D half="hr">

Beautifull Bleiss :: 9:03 PM

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

very,very busy... just changed my blogskin. I loveeeee my cello~
okay i'll try to post pics nx time. ((:

Today e class went national museum and there was this history&living gallery. Yh, Wy, nab and me went to an artefact (a chair) and sat in front of it on the floor. Then they doing the wksht(me and yh split work(: ) I tot it'll be fun to scare them.. So, I told them, 'eh, the chair got someone sitting on it lehh....' obviously i said it in a quite-spooky voiceee. Then they looked up and saw the chair was empty. They turned to look at me and if looks could kill, i think i might have died right on the spot. :D:D:D:D:D:D

Beautifull Bleiss :: 7:07 PM

Monday, October 25, 2010

I set a new world record today~~~
I ate my lunch in a record 5mins.
6-inch subway oven roasted chicken breast.

Went to Adelphi at city hall dere to meet wanying and yenhui and regine for breakfast at 8am, MAC!luvvees!
THEN we walked to national lib. but wy threw a fit and turned to wack bac to funan >( I was very, very pissed off cause i had to leave at 12pm for sch. And we had to do this project. Projects are very hard to do cause there'll bound to be somebody lazing arnd.

Beautifull Bleiss :: 8:56 PM

Sunday, October 24, 2010

OK i am really inactive currently. -.-
Final exams are over and my results are very very in pattern...
I sho you:-

A1 - maths
A2 - history
B3 - English
B4 - Chinese (lucky didn fail)
C5 - Science
C6 - Literature (grr...)

I told you! I have all the grades imaginable. Ok fine except for D7 and anything lower than that. hopefully my report book wont say that i failed ANY subject. ( failed sci in term 3, UNDERLINED in my report bk T.T)
OK nth to tell lerh. Buh-bye and may u have sweet dreams~

Beautifull Bleiss :: 3:57 PM

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HEY peeps!

This is my 201th post! :B

okay. lame. right?
well, actually yes.

im a little hyper now. cause ..
LIT= literature. (LOL)
its OVER!
it was difficult !
thank goodnes, i revised loads.
however, still not loads enough to excel in this test.

i WILL do BETTER for my maths tmr! (:


Happy Birthday NAOMI!

Beautifull Bleiss :: 11:49 AM

Monday, May 10, 2010

bored. bored.
dont mind the blogskin though.
i just wanted to find one that can fit all my posts. :D (& pics)

Beautifull Bleiss :: 6:27 PM

Sunday, May 9, 2010

im quite bored right now.. ):
but i have to go revise for e upcoming lit., maths, science and cl paper2...!
So, bye PEEPS!

ps. pls come mroe often! ;]

Beautifull Bleiss :: 10:53 AM

Saturday, May 8, 2010

some pics. ;))1at outing with my very bestest friends in ZHSS. (: so sad Yenhui wasnt here. )':
We wrote it on the board. Yenhui didnt write. ):
Top person: Nabilah
left: clasrissa
right: WanYing
my 2 toys!
On the way to HK last yr dec.
My class, 1E4! won the class of the term 1 ((:
aiming for term2.!
my CCA = Chinese Orchestra! (C.O. - cello)

My chinese teacher. he taught us for a term and had to leave. ):
i <3>

Beautifull Bleiss :: 8:19 PM

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

whatever. what in the world am i doing?
i tot i am inactive in blogging?
hey peeps who come to my blog.

i know i have been very inactive for a VERY VERY LONGLONG while,
im trying to make it up to you all now. hope you'll enjoy it! (:

some pictures?

Beautifull Bleiss :: 6:29 PM

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